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3 in 1 Safety Video

This video covers all of the major rules for operating an inflatable device. Whether you’ve rented a bounce house, a combo, a water slide, or an obstacle course, this video will make sure you understand the basics of safe operation. It is highly encouraged to review this video prior to the arrival of your rental unit. Uplifting Rentals proudly offers this video for your convenience and safety!

Water Slide Safety

Water Slides are a great way to beat the summer heat! Although they’re incredibly fun, there is some safety information that you should be aware of prior to operating your water slide. This video is a shorter more focused version of the three in one video, this video takes a sole focus on safety surrounding an inflatables water slide. Uplifting Rentals values your safety and proudly offers this short video to help you better understand the rules for your rental.

Obstacle Course Safety

Obstacle courses like water slides are a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you’re at home in your own back yard or at an event, these versatile inflatables units offer tremendous value! This video will help you understand the rules specifically relating to inflatables obstacle course safety. Uplifting Rentals is proud to present these rules for your review!

Bounce House Safety

Bounce House Safety is an ongoing concern within the industry. While an inflatable bounce house is enjoyable for all, this short video will ensure that you understand the rules to properly and safely use your inflatable rental!

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