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What to Expect With a Water Slide Rental

Water slides have grown in popularity to the point where hotels, restaurants, and resorts rent them to provide entertainment for guests and customers of all ages. Schools, churches, and other organizations are increasingly renting water slides for family events like carnivals and fundraisers.

In addition to being an excellent method to cool off during the sweltering summer months, water slides are an absolute blast for people of all ages. At Uplifting Rentals, we want to share what to expect for your next water slide rental to make the next event you’re planning a complete success.  

You’ll Need Plenty of Space

You’ll need enough room to set up the water slide. Make sure you know the measurements of the location where you’ll be putting the slide. Keep in mind that some slides are pretty tall, so make sure there are no trees in the way.

Make Sure You’re Completely Set Up Before the Event Begins

The bottom of the majority of inflatable water slides contains a pool that must be filled. And as the name suggests, they must be inflated first. A large inflatable slide might take an hour or more to set up, fill with water, and test for safety. Allow several hours for our arrival, transportation to your selected site, and setup. To put it another way, plan our arrival so that we can set up the slide a few hours before your guests arrive.

Know the Busiest Time of the Year to Book in Advance

Wondering what the busiest months are? Check the weather! Summer heat typically occurs between mid-May and late September. The warmest days of the year fall towards the end of July; this means that many folks will be booking slides around this time. In general, we suggest scheduling your slide at least a month and a half ahead of time to ensure your reservation.

Make Sure You Have Water & Electricity Nearby

It may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be shocked how many people don’t consider water availability for a water slide before booking. Most inflatables need a source of energy to power the pumps that inflate and deflate them. On the other hand, a water slide requires an adequate supply of water to fill the pool and maintain the slide wet.

Get an Attendant

When used incorrectly, any inflatable may be dangerous. When an inflatable is used poorly, there is a greater chance of falling, landing awkwardly, sliding too fast, or otherwise injuring oneself. The majority of our inflatables are intended to be simple to operate and oversee, so no training is required to keep an eye on them. However, maybe you rather socialize than watch over the slide during your event, and we understand that. For this reason, our rental packages include personnel to keep an eye on and assist with any slides we supply.

Have Fun

When hiring a waterslide, keeping these things in mind will make the procedure a breeze and your event a success. Consider renting inflatable water slides if you want your party to be a hit without breaking the bank. Uplifting Rentals offers affordable water slide rentals for all events.

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