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Bounce House Safety Tips You Should Follow

Bounce houses are an excellent option to keep children entertained for hours at an event or party. And, although bounce houses encourage intense exercise, they could also pose a risk. Every time you allow children to play, it’s critical to follow safety precautions.

Bounce houses are neither intrinsically unsafe in and of themselves nor any more dangerous than any other type of children’s play. They’re one of the safest options, but kids can use them in the wrong way, so it’s essential to be careful. With that in mind, Uplifting Rentals compiled a list of bounce house safety tips for you to follow.

Ensure Proper Set-Up

When a bounce house isn’t tied down properly, it can be blown away by strong winds and hurt kids. This won’t happen if the bounce house is adequately secured. If you are providing your own bounce house, be sure that you know how to correctly put it up and secure it to minimize the risk of injury. Bounce houses that are just partially inflated can also be dangerous, so be on the lookout for that as well. 

If you rent a bounce house from Uplifting Rentals, we will come and set it up for you to ensure that it is correctly placed, tied down, inflated, and safe to use.

Monitor Every Item That Goes Inside

Keeping unwanted items out of the bounce house is essential for its safety. Don’t let children bring in sharp objects such as pencils, building blocks, dolls, or other toys as a safety precaution. Food is a choking hazard and messy, so make sure it doesn’t get inside. As a final precaution, make sure that children are not wearing jewelry or glasses. These items could become entangled in something within the bounce house, break, or cause injury to someone.

Have an Adult Supervising

To keep your children safe when playing in a bouncy house, the most important thing you can do is to supervise them. Children are bright; they will devise countless ways to play in a bounce house that endanger themselves or others solely because it seems like a cool idea at the moment. Ensure that at least one adult supervises children playing in a bounce house. Uplifting Rentals can provide staff to supervise inflatables.

Know the Bounce House’s Capacity

The majority of bounce houses have a limited capacity. The safest scenario is for only one child to be there at a time, although it’s understandable that the kids would like to play together. Limit the number of children who can go in the bounce house to two, four, or five, depending on its size. Larger inflatables and bouncy houses can accommodate more people. Consult the instruction manual, the manufacturer, or the rental provider for accurate capacity information.

An inflatable obstacle course or slide may be a good option if your event will include older children who would like to join in the fun but are too big for a traditional bounce house.

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